What is the difference between Bio and Non-Bio Washing Powder?

Caring for your family’s skin also includes considering the things which regularly come into contact with their skin. As clothing and bedding are constantly touching their skin, it makes sense to consider the washing pwder which you choose.

Most of the big laundry detergent manufacturer’s include both biological (or bio), as well as non-biological (non-bio) varieties. Let’s take a look at the difference, to help you decide which could be best for your family.

Biological washing powder or detergent
These contain enzymes which break down proteins at low temperatures. This means they are effective at removing stains, even at low temperatures.

Non-biological washing powder or detergent
These do not contain the same enzymes as the biological variety, although this can sometimes mean that clothes need to be washed at a slightly higher temperature to remove tough stains.

If you’re considering whether to use bio or non-bio detergents, here are a few points to consider:

  • Babies and those with sensitive skin could benefit from using a mild, non-biological detergent. This is because, even after thorough rinsing, there are traces of detergent left behind which could irritate sensitive skins.
  • As washing machines are becoming more eco-friendly and wash cycles are getting shorter, rinse cycles are also becoming shorter. Because more of the detergents are left behind if clothing is not rinsed thoroughly, you might prefer to use a non-bio detergent if your family shows any signs of sensitive skin.
  • It is usually more economical to use the same detergent for the whole family, instead of separating laundry and using more electricity and water. Therefore, if one member of the family needs to use non-bio, it might be easier for the whole family to switch too.

When you find a laundry detergent which suits you and your family, it’s usually a good idea to continue using the same one. Whilst some people change laundry detergent regularly, others prefer to stick with the same brand. Using the same brand can be helpful if anyone in your family has a slight tendency towards sensitive skin because sensitive skin can be further irritated by a change in products – if it’s not broken, don’t try to fix it!

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