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The Tefal steam generator irons are some of the most popular, leading models available. Let’s take an in-depth look at what the Tefal Pro Express Turbo GV8360 steam generator irons have to offer…

  1. Do you dread ironing so much that you put off doing it for as long as possible?
  2. Have you ever found that your ironing piles up and, when you eventually get round to doing it, you find a skirt/trousers/shirt that you’ve hardly worn, but the weather has changed and it’s now too hot/cold to wear it?
  3. Have you ever bought an item of clothing for your children but they’ve only worn it once or twice and now that you’ve found it at the bottom of the ironing mountain they’ve grown out of it?

My friends and I admit to all three of these scenarios (and more besides!) before we started using steam generating irons. I currently use my favourite Tefal GV8330 steam generator iron but have looked at the  and couldn’t resist the opportunity to do some extensive research and write a review so I could compare them both.

Firstly, I have to say that I used to think an iron was simply an electrical appliance to remove creases from clothes but now realise I was mistaken! Steam generator irons actually have a whole host of features and benefits which, not only allow you to achieve the same quality finish as you would expect from using a professional service, but also make the chore of ironing much quicker and easier.

Tefal steam generator ironsPlenty of steam

Reduce your ironing time by up to 50%

The great thing about steam generator irons is that they really can reduce your ironing time by up to 50%!
As a bit of a sceptic, I didn’t really believe this until I started using one for myself. But, having used one for some time now, I have to admit that it really is true. In case you’re wondering how this is possible, it’s all to do with both the amount of steam which is produced and the pressure at which the steam is forced from the iron on to your fabrics.
can produce up to 120 grams per minute (120 g/min) of continuous steam. This is at the higher end of what you would expect from a high quality steam generating iron and is more than adequate to get your ironing done quickly.
Furthermore, the Tefal Pro Express Turbo GV8360 steam iron has an extra steam boost feature. This gives you 200 grams per minute (200 g/min) for those extra difficult fabrics and stubborn creases.
As I mentioned, the pressure which forces the steam from your iron is also important in making sure you’re able to reduce your ironing time. A 5 bar pressure measurement, like this Tefal GV8360 has, should be considered an excellent rating. This pressure will ensure that the steam is able to penetrate both sides of your garment at the same time and you should no longer have to spend your time ironing the front and back of each item of clothing.
In case you’re wondering what happens if you’re ironing delicate fabrics and don’t need all that powerful steam, you can control the amount of steam, according to your fabric requirements and it can also be switched off, for fabrics which need to be ironed without steam.

Large water tank for GV8360 Tefal Steam Generator Iron
Large water tank

How big is the water tank of the Tefal steam generator irons?

The water tank on the  are one of the largest on all the irons I’ve reviewed, with a 1.8 litre capacity. This should be adequate for up to 3 hours of continuous ironing. If you do need to refill whilst ironing, it has a continuous fill feature, so you can refill the water tank without having to wait for the iron to cool down, as you do on some models.

Tefal Ultraglide soleplate
Tefal Ultraglide soleplate

The soleplate of the Pro Express Turbo GV8360 steam generator irons

When it comes to actually putting your iron to fabric, you want to be sure that the soleplate won’t damage delicate fabrics. It’s important, therefore, to look for one which glides easily, is scratch resistant and durable, as well as being easy to clean, should the need arise. The Ultraglide soleplate is designed by Tefal, especially to make it easy to use and long-lasting.
Of course, besides the heat, your soleplate needs to deliver the steam to remove creases and leave your garments wrinkle-free. The quantity of steam holes and their positions can make the difference between an effective iron and one which doesn’t work so well. The steam holes on the Tefal steam generator irons are arranged in good positions, so you can even get steam right into those hard to reach areas.


Many steam generator irons come with built-in safety features and this iron is no exception. It has several useful safety features, including:

  • A safety locking system which locks the iron to the base unit, allowing you to carry it with one hand. This is very useful when moving or storing your steam generator iron.
  • An automatic cord rewind feature which means you can press a button to automatically rewind the electrical cord into the base.
  • A steam hose storage compartment for safe storage of the pipe which carries steam from the base unit to your iron.
  • An automatic switch off feature so, if your iron is left unused for 8 minutes, it will turn off.

Tefal GV8360 Anti-scale collector
Tefal GV8360 Anti-scale collector

Care and maintenance of your Tefal steam generator irons

If you’re using a steam generator iron to save time and reduce the length of time it takes to get your ironing done, the last thing you want to be doing is spending some of that ‘saved time’ carrying out lengthy cleaning or maintenance on your appliance. Whilst all electrical appliances need descaling from time to time, to remove the chalky deposits left by hard water, it’s best to look for an iron which has a quick and easy descaling routine.
The Tefal steam generator iron comes fitted with a small container to collect the deposits which could otherwise harm your iron. This container is left in place, inside the base unit of the machine, until the light indicates that it’s full. Then, you simply remove the anti-scale collector and rinse it under the tap, before replacing it until next time.

Do Tefal Pro Express Turbo GV8360 Steam Generator Irons come with a warranty?

Yes, the  comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

What are people saying about the Tefal Pro Express Turbo GV8360 Steam Generator Irons

  • “It is easy to use and cuts ironing time dramatically.”
  • “The steam jet is so powerful one pass over most items is enough to remove all the creases.”
  • “It’s smooth and fast, built to last. We love it in my household.”
  • “This is the Rolls Royce of Steam Generator irons.”
  • “It arrived yesterday and is FANTASTIC, it has more power and steam than anything i have used before, ironing is a doddle.”
  • “This was a “Which” best buy of the year.(kitchen appliance) Amazons price was the best.”

Tefal GV8360 Pro Express
Tefal GV8360 Pro Express

What’s the difference between the Tefal GV8360 and the Tefal GV8330 steam generator irons?

Although it also has some extra features, such as the automatic cord rewind, the Tefal GV8330 and the Tefal GV8360 steam generator irons are the same in the steam pressure and the amounts of continuous steam which they produce. But, the main difference between them is that the Tefal GV8360 has a turbo steam boost. This provides the option to use an additional burst of steam, up to 200 grams per minute (g/m) for those very difficult fabrics.

Where can you buy Pro Express Turbo GV8360 Tefal Steam Generator Irons?

You can buy this Tefal steam generator iron from Amazon. When comparing prices with other online retailers, Amazon currently seem to have the best deal, especially as it’s also available with free delivery. .

Where can you read more reviews for the Pro Express Turbo GV8360 Tefal  Steam Generator Irons?

The best place for reviews from people who actually use the product is Amazon. .


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