Tefal Steam Generator Iron Pro Express GV8330

Tefal GV8330 Steam Generator Iron

Let’s take a look at the Pro Express GV8330 Tefal steam generator iron

As a family of five, it’s fair to say that we produce our fair share of washing and, unfortunately, ironing. Including 3 full sets of school uniforms, my husband’s clothes (including at least 6 shirts), non-uniform clothes (2 lots of which come from teenagers who would rather change clothes more often than shower!) and all the other laundry which piles up, we seem to have an incredible amount each week. So, I decided to do something about the amount of time I was spending ironing, when I realised that steam generator irons can reduce the time it takes to iron, by up to half!

After intensive research, I eventually opted for the  Tefal steam generator iron with a 1.8 Litre Water Tank and I’m so pleased that I did!

Get your ironing done in half the time!

The quantity and quality of the steam created by your iron are two of the most important aspects of steam generator irons because it’s these steam features which will allow you to reduce the time you spend ironing, by up to half.

  1. Firstly, the quantity of steam produced by this  is variable, up to 120 grams per minute (120g/min). Some fabrics require more steam, whilst others require less. However, the amount of steam available and the adaptability of the Tefal GV8330 will allow you to get your ironing done quickly. For example, thick and heavyweight fabrics, such as denim will need more steam than lightweight cottons. The fact that you can easily control the amount of steam produced means you get just the right amount for the type of fabric you’re ironing.
  2. Secondly, the quality of steam is excellent. This Tefal steam generator iron has a 5 bar steam pressure, which is the measurement of force used to deliver the steam. This is an excellent, high rating which will guarantee you have plenty of pressure to allow the steam to penetrate fabrics deep enough to remove wrinkles and creases, without having to turn garments over to iron the reverse, even on heavy fabrics such as denims.

Since I started using the , the high steam output means I can whizz through my family’s weekly laundry in half the time it would normally take. Shirts, trousers, jeans and even linen fabrics are a breeze. Even my husband’s suits can be steamed or freshened-up, without removing them from the hanger, as the vertical  steam feature easily removes wrinkles and creases from hanging garments, as well as curtains.

Holding your water!

Tefal steam generator iron with large water tank
Large, detachable water tank for easy filling.

The size of the water tank is another important feature of all irons because a small capacity will mean you have to refill the tank more often. The  iron has a 1.8 litre capacity, which is one of the largest sizes available and should be adequate for up to 3 hours worth of continuous ironing.
Although a large water tank can make the weight of the overall iron and base unit heavier, this isn’t an issue with the Tefal steam generator iron, because the water tank removes easily from the unit and can be filled, then replaced on the unit. Of course, this also means that if you finish your ironing but still have water in the base unit, you can simply remove the water tank and pour the water away and avoid the need to lift both the iron and the unit containing water together.
Even though the water tank is a good size, should you ever have the need to refill the water whilst ironing, this model comes complete with a ‘continuous fill’ feature. Some irons require you to switch the machine off, before refilling the water tank. This means you then have the inconvenience of waiting for the heating system to reach the required temperature again, before you can continue ironing. However, the continuous filling feature on the Tefal steam generator iron means you don’t have to wait for your iron to cool down and reheat – you simply remove the water tank, refill it and replace it on the unit, then continue ironing without any interruption. Furthermore, the water level is visible through the water tank which means you can clearly see how much water you have remaining and the guesswork is taken out of wondering when you have to fill up.

How smoothly does the Tefal steam generator iron glide?

Tefal Ultraglide Ceramic soleplate

Tefal Ultraglide Ceramic soleplate

The soleplate of your iron is important, as this is the part that comes into contact with your fabrics and needs to remain smooth to protect your garments and delicate fabrics. A scratch resistant soleplate will offer durability and will provide protection for your soleplate, particularly when ironing over buttons, etc. Similarly, a soleplate which is easy to clean will mean you won’t be left with sticky residue which could damage some fabrics.
According to Tefal’s website, their unique Ultraglide Ceramic soleplate “offers 4 major benefits: unrivalled glideability, superior scratch resistance, easy to clean and enables optimum steam diffusion”. This is certainly the case for this particular Tefal steam generator iron and I’ve found that I can quickly and easily glide the iron over my garments, which means I can achieve excellent results with very little effort.

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Pro Express GV8330 Tefal Steam Generator Iron

Tefal anti-scale collector

The hard water supply found in many homes can cause a build-up of scale in your iron’s hoses and heating elements. This could harm your Tefal steam generator iron, or any other iron, by reducing efficiency and even shortening the life-span.
The Tefal steam generator iron comes fitted with an anti-scale collector which collects the harmful deposits in a small, removable container. A light indicates when the container is full and it can then be removed, rinsed and replaced in the unit.
The benefits of this model are that it can be used with tap water and it’s so simple to maintain.

Safety features of the Pro Express Tefal steam generator iron

As a parent, it’s good to know that the  has an auto shut-off feature, which makes it safer than traditional steam irons because the unit switches itself off. This gives you peace of mind that, should you leave your iron unattended, whether standing on its heel or with the soleplate facing down, it will turn off automatically.

Another useful safety feature is being able to lock the iron to the base, using the locking handle attached to the unit. Not only does this protect little fingers from the soleplate, but it also means I can carry the iron and base unit with one hand.

What’s in the box?

  • Tefal steam generator iron Pro Express GV8330
  • Instruction manual

Where can I buy the Pro Express GV8330 Tefal Steam Generator Iron?

You can buy this Tefal steam generator iron on Amazon. It usually retails between £165 and £260 but, at the moment, Amazon appear to have the best deal. With an excellent reputation, the cheapest price and free delivery, I believe Amazon is currently the best place to purchase this model.  to view the Pro Express Tefal steam generator iron on Amazon.

Where can I read additional reviews for the Tefal  Steam Generator iron Pro Express GV8330?

There are many other reviews from people who use this particular Tefal steam generator iron, which you can read on read on .


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