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If you’ve thought about buying one of the new steam generator irons but are unsure where to start, or even if one would be worth the expense for you, read on to find out…

Can you answer ‘yes’ to one or more of the following statements?

  • I would like to save time when ironing.
  • I would like to reduce the amount of time it takes to do my ironing, by up to half.
  • I iron for my family, or more than one person.
  • I always seem to have a pile of ironing and dread the thought of it.
  • I prefer to iron in bulk, rather than to iron one or two items at a time.
  • I usually heave a huge sigh of relief when the weekly laundry is washed, dried and ironed.

If none of these statements apply to you, then steam generator irons probably aren’t the best choice of iron for you, as they are usually more suited to those who iron larger quantities, rather than occasional users. However, if you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above statements then read on to find out just how steam generator irons can benefit you…

Best steam generator ironsIs it time to change your iron for one of the new steam generator irons?

Most people would agree that ironing is a time-consuming chore, particularly when ironing for a family. For some, ironing is a task dreaded so much that they only iron clothes as, and when, required. BUT, imagine if you could do the week’s ironing for the whole family in one go and actually cut the time it would normally take by up to half!

The technology behind irons has come a long way over the last few years and this is especially so with steam generator irons. Although they were previously only available as professional ironing systems, they are now readily available as domestic ironing equipment. Furthermore, there are now a wide variety of makes and models to suit all budgets.

Are steam generator irons suitable for everyone?

As steam generator irons have a separate base unit, they are somewhat larger than traditional irons and take a few minutes longer to heat the separate water tank. This makes them particularly suitable for families or those who prefer to do weekly laundry, rather than someone who irons fewer items.

What next if you’re thinking about steam generator irons?

We hope you’ll enjoy browsing our website and the information which we’ve put together for you.  If you’re new to these systems, reading What is a steam generator iron?‘ and ‘How does a steam generator iron reduce ironing time?‘ would be great places to start.

Once you’ve got a better idea of what steam generator irons all about and how they can benefit you, take a look at the Features and Benefits page. This will guide you through the technical jargon you’re likely to come across when you start comparing steam generator irons.

Then, when you’re ready to find out which iron will best suit your needs, take a look at the steam generator iron reviews and detailed guides for all the latest information on the best models.

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