Philips steam generator irons GC8560

Philips GC8560 Pressurised Steam Generator System Iron

Philips steam generator irons are amongst the most popular brands. Let’s take a detailed look at the Philips steam generator irons GC8560.

Having used a steam generator iron for some time, and being asked by several of my friends to recommend the best models to suit their individual needs, I decided to have a look at some of the most popular makes and models. You might think that all steam generator irons are the same and they all work in the same way. Don’t worry, this is a common misconception, shared by many people, but it’s simply not the case.
There is much more to steam generator irons than meets the eye and I’ve taken the opportunity to really check out the detail and find the best ones available by having a good look at the Philips steam generator irons.

What are the best steam generator irons?

My list of favourite steam generator irons wouldn’t be complete without the  as they offer many of the features and benefits I would be looking for in a steam iron, including:

• The amount of steam produced
• The pressure at which the steam is delivered
• The size of water tank
• The energy saving, eco-friendly setting
• The soleplate
• The ease of maintenance and descaling

Let’s take a look at each these points and explore them, in relation to the Philips GC8560 iron.

Philips steam generator iron vertical steam

Vertical steam

The need for steam!

This is one of the most important factors to consider when you’re thinking of buying a steam generator iron. Obviously, all steam generating irons produce steam, hence their name. But, what makes them different? Why is one better than another?
The amount of steam produced by your iron is the key to reducing the amount of time it takes to get through your ironing pile (or in some cases, mountain!) A higher steam output will help you get the ironing done much quicker as the steam is able to penetrate through both the front and back of garments at the same time.
The  can certainly produce a lot of steam, with continuous steam up to 120 grams per min (g/min). For those extra tricky fabrics, it even has a steam boost up to 200 grams per minute (g/min).
Have you ever been in a rush but needed to freshen-up a suit or jacket? Well, the Philips steam generator iron can also be used as a vertical steamer so you can steam away wrinkles without removing clothes from the hangers. Simply hold the iron vertically, a slight distance away from your garment and allow the steam to gently remove any unwanted creases. Furthermore, if you notice that your curtains aren’t looking quite as smooth and wrinkle-free as you would like, the vertical steam can also be used to revitalise them.

What pressure is the steam is delivered from the Philips GC8560 steam generator irons?

Have you ever noticed the difference between washing your car with a pressure washer and washing it with water from a standard hosepipe? I’m sure you’ll agree that the powerful stream of water from a pressure washer makes the job much easier than the slow-running water from the hosepipe.
Well, a pressurised steam generator iron works in a similar way, as the pressure in the steam generator iron makes the steam much more powerful, which means the high amount of steam available will penetrate the fabric deeper and quicker. The  has a 5 bar pressure rating which is one of the highest ratings currently available and will reduce your ironing time by up to 50%.

Philips GC8560 large 1.6 litre water tank

A large 1.6 litre water tank

What size is the water tank of the GC8560 Philips steam generator irons?

If you prefer to iron without having to stop and refill the water constantly, the Philips steam generating iron has a 1.6 litre water tank capacity. This should be adequate for continuous ironing of up to 3 hours, or even longer if you’re using the ‘eco-friendly’ setting.
Although, it comes with a large water tank, if you find it necessary to top-up the water whilst ironing, this is very easy to do with the Philips steam generator iron. It has a ‘continuous fill’ feature which means you can simply remove the water tank and refill, using tap water, as required. This also enables you to continue ironing, uninterrupted, without the inconvenience of waiting for the iron to cool down or reheat.

Energy saving, eco-friendly setting

If you’re concerned about reducing your carbon footprint or your energy bill, but still want to cut the time it takes you to iron by up to half, you might think a steam generator ironing system may not be the right choice for you. However, thanks to ‘The Eco Steam’ feature, you can save 20% energy and 40% water consumption. This Energy efficient way of achieving professional quality results for your garments is great news if you want to save time and effort ironing but prefer a slightly more environmentally friendly appliance.

Philips Steamglide soleplate

Philips Steamglide soleplate

What is the soleplate of the Philips GC8560 iron made from?

An iron which doesn’t glide easily will not only mean you have to put in more effort when ironing, but it may also damage delicate fabrics. The soleplate on the Philips steam iron is designed to protect your clothes and provide excellent results with the minimum amount of effort. It has a Steamglide soleplate which, according to Philips’ website, “is the best Philips soleplate”. The coating is ceramic based, which ensures it will glide smoothly and easily over your fabrics and will be durable and scratch resistant.
Of course, all that steam has to reach your fabrics to make them all smooth and crease-free, doesn’t it? The steam gets to work on the fabrics through the steam holes in the soleplate and number, as well as the position, of steam holes will affect the way steam is delivered to your garment. Whilst some steam generator irons don’t have steam holes close to the tip of the soleplate, the Philips steam generator irons, model GC8560 does. These steam holes ensure that, even when ironing difficult to reach areas, steam can still be delivered where it’s needed.

Philips GC8560 anti-scale system

Philips GC8560 anti-scale system

Maintenance and descaling of the GC8560 Philips steam generator irons

As water heats up and then cools down, it can leave deposits on surfaces which it comes in contact with. The result of this is the hard, off-white, chalky deposit which is often found in kettles and other electrical appliances. Although it can easily be removed appliances by regular descaling, failure to descale your iron can prevent optimum performance and even shorten its life-span.
Fortunately, the Philips steam generator irons come with permanent anti-calc tablets, which means easy and straightforward cleaning your iron will keep it in prime condition. The instruction manual guides you through the process but you simply rinse the boiler after every 10 uses to remove any deposits which may affect your steam generator iron’s future performance.

Does the Philips GC8560 iron come with a warranty?

Yes, the Philips steam generator irons come with a 2 year warranty.

What are people saying about the GC5860 Philips steam generator irons ?

The Philips steam generator irons have received excellent reviews from most consumers on the internet, with an average 4.5 out of 5 from reviewers on  . Here are some of the comments so far:

• “Its cut my ironing time by half, jeans are done in no time at all.”
• “This is such a great iron, it almost makes ironing fun!”
• “The sheer amount of steam means even a bone dry shirt can soon be crease free.”
• “This is the best iron we’ve ever used.”
• “The first thing that struck me was that the iron itself is much lighter than its conventional counterpart.”

How much should you expect to pay for the GC5860 Philips steam generator irons?

You can buy the Philips GC5860 steam generator irons from Amazon. The recommended retail price (RRP) of the Philips steam generator iron is £245.11. However, after extensive searches online, I’ve found the iron available between £150 and £249.99. In my opinion, Amazon currently has the best deal, especially as free delivery is available on this model. .


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