Philips GC7420 Pressurised Steam Generator Iron

My Review of the Philips GC7420 Pressurised Steam Generator Iron

If you’re looking for a steam generator iron which is quick to start and will be heated, ready to use in 2 minutes, the Philips GC7420 steam generator iron could be a good choice. It also has many features of a high end model, including powerful, pressurised steam output.

It can be daunting when you’re looking at steam generator irons, trying to understand all the jargon and decide which model is best for you. So, in case you’re wondering what features the has, what they mean and how they will benefit you, let’s take a closer look at them one by one.

The steam
Such an important feature can’t be overlooked when it comes to steam generator irons. Afterall, it’s this steam which will get your ironing done quicker.

The has a continuous steam output up to 120 grams per minute, which is the same as some of the high end, more expensive models.

Not only will the steam output on this model help to reduce your ironing time but also the fact that the steam is pressurised and has a rating of 4.5 bars. This rating is high enough to force the steam to penetrate right through the fabric, which then relaxes the fibres and reduces your ironing time even more.

The combination of steam and high pressure makes it quicker and easier to get your ironing done with the Philips steam generator iron because, rather than having to iron both sides of your garments, you should only have to iron one.

Plenty of steam

Plenty of steam


If you run out of water in the middle of your ironing, it can be inconvenient with some steam generator irons because you have to let them cool down before you can refill them and carry on with your ironing. Fortunately, the iron has a continuous fill feature, which means you don’t have to keep switching the iron off and waiting for it to cool – you can simply refill as and when required without interruption to your ironing.

The soleplate should be an important consideration when it comes to choosing your steam generator iron as this is going to be in contact with your fabric and so should be smooth, durable and easy to clean.

The steam holes on the soleplate are also very important as these are going to deliver the steam, so should be placed correctly to allow even steam distribution right across the sole plate. Philips have designed the soleplate of the to ensure that steam is delivered evenly, right to the tip of the iron.

There is also a button groove which makes ironing around buttons on shirts easier and avoids the awkwardness that you can have, when ironing between buttons.

The Philips steam generator iron has several safety features, including:

  • Automatic cord rewind – simply press the button and the cord will rewind automatically.
  • Safety lock, which means you can lock the iron to the base unit and then it becomes easier to carry with one hand.

Care and maintenance
This iron comes with permanent calc clean tablets, which means you can keep your steam generator iron in good working order by simply rinse the boiler after every 10 uses. This is a simple and quick procedure and instructions are included.

Does the Philips GC7420 Pressurised Steam Generator Iron come with a warranty?

Philips GC7420 steam iron

Philips GC7420 steam iron

It comes with a  2 year manufacturer warranty.

Have there been any complaints?
The main complaint about this iron would appear to be that it doesn’t have a variable steam control, unlike some of the more expensive models.

This means that the iron will produce the same amount whether you’re ironing thick, heavy denim, or lightweight cotton and you might find yourself using excessive amounts of water, as you could have more steam than you need. Whereas on a variable steam model you can reduce the amount of steam, depending on the fabric you’re ironing, you can’t do that with this model so you do get a continuous amount of steam.

However, if you tend to iron similar fabrics most of the time and don’t mind sometimes having more steam than you need this shouldn’t be an issue.

What are people saying about the Philips GC7420 Pressurised Steam Generator Iron?
The has been rated 4 out of 5 stars by people who have purchased it.

Here are a few comments to date:

  • “The time it takes to iron a shirt is striking: literally less than a minute”
  • “Speedy and effective iron and removes heavy creases with total ease but for the cost I’d expect a variable steam control”
  • “Well, thanks to this impressive bit of kit ironing doesn’t seem quite so arduous or boring any more.”
  • “As an iron this really rocks”

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