How does a steam generator iron help reduce ironing time?

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Have you been told that you can get your ironing done faster by using a steam generator iron?

It’s true, but just how does a steam generator iron help reduce ironing time?

Many people prefer to use steam generator irons because they are able to dramatically reduce the time and effort it takes to iron. However, not only do they reduce ironing time by up to half, but they help you achieve a finish to rival a professional dry cleaners. But, how does a steam generator iron do this?

Steam generator irons produce much more steam than a traditional steam iron. Because the water tank and boiler are contained in a separate unit, they have a much larger capacity and heating system than a regular iron. The steam is also delivered at a much more powerful rate and is able to penetrate fabrics deeper. This means you are able to quickly remove even the most stubborn wrinkles and creases from your clothing and upholstery with ease whilst, at the same time, ensure a quality finish to your garments.

So, the quantity of steam produces, as well as the pressure at which it’s delivered will ensure your fabrics are wrinkle-free in less time that it would normally take. This, in itself will reduce your ironing time. However, there is another way in which a steam generator iron will help reduce ironing time. This is because the steam will penetrate both layers of fabric at the same time, which means, on most fabrics, you will no longer have to turn many clothes over, in order to iron both the front and back of each garment.

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