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Bosch Steam Generator Irons TDS3569gb Review

Bosch steam generator irons tds3569gb

Bosch steam generator irons are a popular choice for many people who are already familiar with the quality of the brand. The Bosch Tds3569gb is 2800 watts, which is one of the higher wattage ratings for domestic steam generator irons. This is important because it affects the speed at which the boiler heats up and…

Bosch Steam Generator Iron TDS2511gb Review

Bosch TDS2511 steam generator iron

I had been asked about the Bosch steam generator iron TDS2511GB quite a few times recently, so I decided to have a good look at it and write a review. In fact, this will be the first of several reviews of various Bosch steam generator iron models, to help you compare them to each other,…