Bosch Steam Generator Irons TDS3569gb Review

Bosch steam generator irons tds3569gb

Bosch steam generator irons are a popular choice for many people who are already familiar with the quality of the brand.

The Bosch Tds3569gb is 2800 watts, which is one of the higher wattage ratings for domestic steam generator irons. This is important because it affects the speed at which the boiler heats up and maintains the temperature throughout ironing and you’ll notice that this power will heat up your iron very quickly. Once switched on it’s ready to use in just under 2 minutes, which is great if you’re in a rush or just have a small amount of ironing to do.

How much steam can I expect from the Tds3569gb Bosch steam generator irons?

The will produce up to 130 grams per minute (g/min) of continuous steam in both vertical and horizontal positions. This means that you can expect the same volume of steam whether you are ironing clothes on your ironing board, or you’re steaming curtains, soft furnishings and hanging garments.

Bosch steam generator irons usually come with variable steam, as do many other brands. The Bosch Tds3569gb is no exception and comes with a variable steam feature which allows you to change the steam output according to the job you’re doing. For example, ironing silk and delicate fabrics will require less steam than if you were doing cotton or linen. The steam can also be switched off completely to use as a dry iron, which is essential when doing things like attaching iron-on name labels to children’s uniforms, etc.

With a steam ready indicator light, you’re not left wondering whether your iron has reached the right temperature and is ready to use – the light will show, which makes it easy to see that you’re good to go.

This model has a 5 bar pressure rating, which is what you would expect to find on high-end models. A 5 bar pressure rating is currently the maximum you can expect to find. The benefit of such high pressure is that it will force the steam through to give it an extra push as it leaves the soleplate. This will ensure the fibres of garments are relaxed instantly in order to remove even the most stubborn of wrinkles.
Of course, ironing isn’t only about removing wrinkles. There are times when you actually want to press a crease into your clothing, on the fronts of trousers and on shirt or jacket sleeves for example. The steam from the has the perfect volume and pressure to meet all of your ironing needs.

What size is the water tank of the Tds3569gb Bosch steam generator irons?

The water tank has a 1.4 litre capacity, which should be enough for up to 1 ½ – 2 hours of continuous ironing. Apart from the Tefal steam generator irons, which tend to hold up to 1.8 litres, this is a good size water tank and should be enough for most people to whizz through the ironing, without having to refill.

If you do need to refill the , the continuous fill feature will allow you to top it up without interruption. Whilst some irons have to be switched off and left to cool before refilling, those with continuous fill can be topped up at any time, without waiting for the boiler to cool. This saves you waiting around for the iron to cool down before adding the water and then having to wait for it to heat back up again.

The water tank is removable which makes filling easy – you can simply detach it and fill the tank under the tap.
Of course, this also makes it easy to empty any remaining water out of the tank after you’ve finished your ironing. Sometimes, the weight of the iron with the water tank attached can make the combined weight of ironing system and water heavy, so a detachable water tank can be a big help when it comes to moving the unit around.

How smoothly do the Tds3569gb Bosch steam generator irons glide?

The soleplate is Ceramic Palladium-glissee. Bosch’s website says that this type of coating is designed for extremely easy gliding, which is an important feature for all irons.

Bosch Tds569gb steam generator irons soleplate


The soleplate of your iron is very important, as this is the part that comes into contact with your fabric. It needs to be smooth enough not to damage delicate fabrics, whilst at the same time, providing just the right amount of friction to iron out wrinkles and creases. Being able to glide the iron over your garments easily will reduce the amount of effort required to get your ironing done.


The steam holes should be designed to allow steam to get in all the right places – it’s no good having all the steam in one place as it leaves the soleplate, as you’ll find yourself needing to keep going over the garments again to ensure they’re done properly.

Each manufacturer has their own way of placing the steam holes and Bosch steam generator irons are evenly spread to help you cover as much surface area as possible with minimal effort.

Safety features of the Bosch steam generator irons

The has handy cord storage which means you can keep the cord tidy and safe when the iron’s not in use.

Care and maintenance for the Tds3569gb Bosch steam generator irons

The Bosch Tds3569gb has a ‘calc’n clean feature’ which means the iron requires very little effort to maintain it and keep it in tip top condition. It has a built-in anti-calc system which means you will just have to rinse the scale collector and pop it back in the ironing system.

Irons which have these anti-scale collectors are the quickest and simplest systems to maintain and care for. Afterall, if you’re using a steam generator iron to save time, the last thing you want to be doing is carrying out lengthy maintenance!

Do the Tds3569gb Bosch steam generator irons have any negatives?

The only negative, could possibly be the price. Most steam generator irons are somewhat more expensive than regular irons but, the time and effort you will save is likely to more than compensate for the initial expense, particularly if you’re ironing for your family.

The Tds3569 steam generator irons usually retail at around £250. However, currently has it on offer at a much lower price and can also include free delivery.


The Bosch Tds3569tds is an absolute dream to use. Although the initial cost is more expensive than some brands, Bosch is a very well respected, high quality brand and you really are getting a top quality steam generator iron.

However, if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, or an entry model, there are plenty of other models which will work just as well, although might have slightly less steam output per minute, or take a extra minute to heat up.

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