Bosch Steam Generator Iron TDS2511gb Review

Bosch TDS2511 steam generator iron

I had been asked about the Bosch steam generator iron TDS2511GB quite a few times recently, so I decided to have a good look at it and write a review.

In fact, this will be the first of several reviews of various models, to help you compare them to each other, as well as other brands.

The first thing I noticed was a fast heat up time – the iron was ready to use in just 2 minutes. This is a handy feature, especially if you only want to iron a few items of clothing, or need to freshen a suit, using the steam feature.

Once you start using the iron, you quickly realise that it’s comfortable to use. This is down to the ergonomic design and soft-grip handle, but it does make a difference, especially if you’re going to be ironing for any length of time.

How much steam from the Bosch steam generator iron, TDS2511gb?

The key to saving time when you’re ironing is steam – and lots of it!

It’s the volume and strength of steam which makes a steam generator iron such a powerful tool when it comes to getting your ironing done much faster, so how does the Bosch steam generator iron TDS2511GB model measure up?

Firstly, the steam from the is pressurised and has a bar rating of 4.5. If you remember that a bar rating of over 3.5 will drastically reduce your ironing time, it’s clear that the TDS2511gb will perform well in this area.

As far as the volume of steam is concerned, this Bosch steam generator iron can produce up to 110 grams per minute (g/min) of steam.

The amounts of steam which your iron can produce, coupled with the pressure, are the two key areas to speedy ironing. The output on steam generating ironing systems is usually between 70 – 140 grams per minute, with around 120 g/min being ample for most families. Although this model falls just short of the 120 g/min, it’s still much more powerful than the Jet Stream Morphy Richards steam generator iron (which produces 80 grams per minute) and the Digital Russell Hobbs Steam Generator Iron (90 g/min) and will be more than enough for you to save a great deal of ironing time.

When the iron is ready for use, the steam indicator light will be displayed, so there’s no guesswork about whether the boiler has reached the correct temperature, etc.

Bosch TDS2511 steam generator ironOverall, the steam from the the Bosch steam generator iron TDS2511gb is powerful. As well as being able to have continuous steam, you can also vary the amount. This is especially good for delicate fabrics and those which don’t require as much steam.

Furthermore, the steam can be switched off completely so you can use the iron as a dry iron.

What size is the water tank of the Bosch steam generator iron, TDS2511gb?

The water tank holds 800ml of water, so is smaller than quite a few other models. I found the water tank capable of up to 45 minutes to 1 hour of continuous ironing, which is somewhat less than other models.

However, it does have a continuous refill feature, so you can top up the water as and when required, without having to wait for the iron to cool down. This is a great time saving feature, especially with the smaller size water tank.

When it comes to refilling the water, the tank is detachable, so can be removed for easy filling.

The has a tank empty indicator, which lights up when you need to top up the water. This is a great feature, especially with the smaller size water tank.
This water tank empty indicator and the iron’s steam ready indicator, contribute to the user friendly interface of this Bosch steam generator iron.


The design and material of your iron’s soleplate are always important features to check when looking to buy a quality iron.

The material should be durable and scratch resistant, to prevent damage to the soleplate which, in turn, could ruin your clothes. It needs to be smooth but, at the same time, provide just the right amount of friction to remove wrinkles and creases.

The soleplate of the Bosch steam generator iron is a ceramic soleplate, coated in palladium and has been designed for better glideability.  When it comes to using the Bosch TDS2511gb, you’ll see that the soleplate glides easily, even on delicate fabrics.

What maintenance is required for the Bosch steam generator iron, TDS2511gb?

Like some other high-end models, the Bosch steam generator has an anti-calc system. This means the boiler is fitted with filter that you simply rinse and replace after every few uses. This is ideal if you’re looking for a very low maintenance iron.

Does the Bosch steam generator iron, TDS2511gb have any negatives?

The main complaint about the would have to be the size of the water tank. If you’re ironing for a family, you’re probably going to need to refill it a couple of times. However, if you don’t do so much ironing in one sitting, this won’t affect you. And, of course, the fact that it has a water tank empty indicator and can be filled without switching the iron off and waiting for it to cool, don’t make this too much of a hassle.

Also, there is no auto shut off feature on the Bosch steam generator iron. This would normally shut the iron off, or switch to standby, if the iron was left unused for a period of time.

So what’s the verdict?

The is a great entry level from an extremely popular brand. You do lose some features like automatic shut off and cord rewind/storage, as well as having a small water tank. But, if you’re a fan of Bosch products, looking for your first steam generator iron, this would be a great choice of ironing system.

What are other people saying about the Bosch steam generator iron, TDS2511gb?

There are lots of good comments about the Bosch TDS2511gb and it has been given an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars on

  • “Love this iron, wish I’d bought one years ago.”
  • “This is fab I had a steam generator before, but this is far better”
  • “Quick and professional ironing done with this product. LOts of steam. takes 5 minutes to heat up. would not use an iron again. cuts the ironing time in half.”
  • “Wow! What a difference! I’ve had many, many irons over the past 50 odd years – but never experianced one that’s such a pleasure to use.”

for more information on the


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